~ Plant Medicine and ID Walk (Oakland Forest and Meadow Preserve) ~

We’re excited to have you join us on our Plant Medicine and ID Walk on September 9, 2017 from 10am-12pm! This walk is for anyone and everyone interested in the natural world. Throughout the walk Daryl and Grace will take participants on a journey to better understand the environment around us. You’ll learn how to identify common plants and how to use them as food and medicine.


~About Oakland Forest and Meadow Preserve~
Oakland Forest and Meadow Preserve in Portsmouth, RI is a special refuge. It’s home to native wildflowers and grasses, a mature beech forest, and various habitats. This preserve almost never existed. Back in 2000, it was slated for demolition, and condos were going to be built in its place. Instead, there was a grassroots effort to save the land. The Aquidneck Land Trust and Matthew Largess (founder of Largess Forestry and Voice of the Forest Alliance), along with many others, were among the good folks who worked to conserve the property. A representative from the Aquidneck Land Trust and Matthew Largess will both be at the walk.

~About Daryl and Grace~

Daryl Ayla Gardella is a folk herbalist, shamanic healing energy worker, holistic health coach and works for Largess Forestry. She found plant medicine about three years ago. Her journey with plant medicine began to transform her whole world. She felt empowered and joyful, and connected to her truth and purpose in the world. She is excited to bring plant medicine to others.

Daryl's work is a combination of western and energetic herbalism, earth-based shamanism, and intuitive healing. She is dedicated to re-connecting people deeply to plants and nature; receiving their healing capabilities and inspiration. She lives by the ocean, in Newport, Rhode Island, but is always longing to wander the earth, traveling and learning about plants and native healing traditions.

Grace Lentini has been active in the environmental field for ten years. She’s worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, RI DEM, and various conservation non-profits. “Throughout the years, my passion for the environment has only continued to grow,” says Grace. “Whenever I see a plant or animal that I don’t know, I immediately need to know what it is. This interest expands my knowledge of the natural world, and allows me share this information with others.” The natural world is beautiful and wondrous to Grace, and she wants everyone to develop a connection with it.