To give presence to it's "voice", the Alliance will feature works of it's members such as Carolyn Decker's poetry, an example of which appears below. The Alliance will also maintain a forest stewardship annotated bibliography of books and other media that combine literary and scientific merit. 

The Tree in the Ruin
by Carolyn Decker

Leaves erupt from the hollow,
a green mane encircling
the bulbous trunk, now open
where the great limb has fallen.
Who built this stone foundation
enclosing the tree on three sides?
Only lizards make their beds here.
Roots have pushed through the floor,
resettling the earth like children
rolling over in sleep.
Birds chitter in the higher boughs
but they are newcomers,
turned out by the silent
hum of the hollow:
the concave face in leafy crown.

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